As talk about corporate junk bonds rises above a murmur in the investing world thoughts about the relationship of "junk status" to government deficits and debt levels may (should) filter into your thinking about buying government issued and backed bonds. Take a moment to reflect upon what happened to Detroit's bond holders by reading this article: Detroit [...]

As far as choice goes, the federal government offers an array of bonds, treasuries, and other investment options to any US citizen. Of the bonds offered, the more commonly purchased are government bonds, t-bills, and i-bonds. Government Bonds Government bonds considered the safest of the bond investments. These bonds are normally issued in terms of [...]

A government bond is: A written promise or agreement - as in "being bound" or "my word is my bond" - which is usually contained in a writing or document called a "bond" Which promise is made by a government, or a governmental or quasi-governmental agency, that includes State governments, county governments, municipal governments or [...]