Government bonds are considered to be least-risk investments. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the government. Standard & Poor's gives U.S. government bonds the highest rating possible. Government bonds carry some financial risks, just like any other investment. Federal government bonds have a low risk of default because the government can [...]

Government bonds are an investment like and unlike any other bond. Like corporate bonds, which may be used instead of public stock offerings to fund corporate expansions, U.S. government bonds are issued to, “help to finance the federal government”, which as you know is a vast enterprise. As long as elected government officials refuse to [...]

As far as choice goes, the federal government offers an array of bonds, treasuries and other investment options to any US citizen. Of the bonds offered, the more commonly purchased are government bonds, T-bills, and I-bonds. Thanks to Federal government’s reputation of having, “…never failed to pay its debt” government bonds are considered the safest [...]