For risk-averse investors municipal bonds or "munis" offer a harbor in a storm of economic uncertainty and stock market volatility. Muncipal bonds are typically backed by the tax raising ability of local or "muncipal governments". They are usually issued to fund government projects such as road construction, waste water treatment plant construction, school construction and [...]

Muncipal bonds or "munis", U.S. treasury bonds and most other forms of government bonds are, by comparison to other investments, usually considered safe and secure investments. However, not all governments are created equally and, therefore like all other forms of investments some government bonds carry greater risk. For example, foreign government bonds may be subject [...]

Government bonds are an investment like and unlike any other bond. Like corporate bonds, which may be used instead of public stock offerings to fund corporate expansions, U.S. government bonds are issued to, “help to finance the federal government”, which as you know is a vast enterprise. As long as elected government officials refuse to [...]

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