As talk about corporate junk bonds rises above a murmur in the investing world thoughts about the relationship of "junk status" to government deficits and debt levels may (should) filter into your thinking about buying government issued and backed bonds. Take a moment to reflect upon what happened to Detroit's bond holders by reading this article: Detroit [...]

It appears, after years of speculation, that the Federal Reserve is about to raise the Federal Funds Rate. Short term Treasury yields are at their highest levels in years, anticipating this inevitable rate hike. Short-term yields can spike even higher as speculation drives up their price. Are you ready for this? What can you do? The [...]

The Electronic Municipal Market Access system or "EMMA" is a repository for information about municipal bonds and the muni-bond market. EMMA provides free access to official municipal securities disclosures, trade data, and municipal / government credit ratings. Public disclosure about bond issuing agencies yields transparency which produces confidence when considering whether to invest in government [...]

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