The Electronic Municipal Market Access system or “EMMA” is a repository for information about municipal bonds and the muni-bond market. EMMA provides free access to official municipal securities disclosures, trade data, and municipal / government credit ratings.

Public disclosure about bond issuing agencies yields transparency which produces confidence when considering whether to invest in government issued bonds. EMMA seeks to inform and educate retail, non-professional bond investors, that is, those who are not experts.

EMMA’s educational materials, which include videos, cover municipal securities, official statements, advance refunding documents and transaction prices.

EMMA stores municipal disclosure documents, including bond offering documents or “official statements” for most new offerings of municipal bonds, notes, 529 college savings plans and other municipal securities.

EMMA also provides access to advance bond refunding documents. These documents set forth arrangements made to establish escrows to pay-off existing bonds when new bonds are issued. The objective of such arrangements is to enable a public entity or governemt body to refinance debt at a lower cost or interest rate. There are also “continuing disclosure” documents that provide “material information” during the life of a bond. Additional voluntary disclosures may be provided by certain bond issuers.

EMMA also provides real-time municipal bond prices and yields – that is the price and interest rate at which government bonds or notes are bought and sold. This includes data for auction rate securities and variable rate demand obligations.

According to the EMMA website:

“EMMA is a service of the MSRB, the self-regulatory organization that protects investors, issuers of municipal securities and entities whose credit stands behind municipal securities, and public pension plans by promoting a fair and efficient municipal market. The MSRB fulfills this mission by regulating securities firms, banks and municipal advisors that engage in municipal securities and advisory activities. The MSRB has operated under Congressional mandate with oversight by the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1975.”

Is Panic In Municipal Bond Market A Buying Opportunity?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, but not all government bonds are created equal Source: Declaration of Independence, with modification If you believe the media there is panic in the municipal bond market, with certain large muni bond funds seeing precipitous drops in recent weeks and months. Yet, […]

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Types of Government Bonds

As far as choice goes, the federal government offers an array of bonds, treasuries, and other investment options to any US citizen. Of the bonds offered, the more commonly purchased are government bonds, t-bills, and i-bonds. Government Bonds Government bonds considered the safest of the bond investments. These bonds are normally issued in terms of […]

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An Overview on Municipal Bonds

To maintain infrastructure is a vital necessity to governments, and can be costly to do.  This need brought about a new way to invest: investing in municipal bonds.  These bonds have less risk than other investments; one can easily check the issuing governments previous success on repaying its obligations, as well as what others who […]

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Risks Associated with Buying Bonds

Bonds are, by comparison to others, a secure investment.  There are, of course, some that have greater bond risk than others. Foreign bonds contain some of the highest risk depending on the sovereign entity one buying a bond from. Apart from Moody’s rating system, there are other ways to determine bond risk Stability of the […]

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An Overview on Foriegn Bonds

The global market has shrank as technology has developed, making everything more interdependent.  In today’s economy, people should be aware of the events and opportunities with a view broader than that of national borders. One investment one should consider is buying foreign bonds of sovereign nations. Foreign bonds are issued in a domestic market by […]

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How to Buy Government Bonds

The government bond funds are an investment like any other bond.  Government Bonds from the U.S. are considered to be some of the safest bonds you can buy.  Not all governments are as reliable and secure in repaying their debts, but for most cases, buying government bonds tend to be the safest bond investment. Purchase […]

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What Is A Government Bond

What is a government bond? A government bond is: A written promise or agreement – as in “being bound” or “my word is my bond” – which is usually contained in a writing or document called a “bond” Which promise is made by a government, or a governmental or quasi-governmental agency, that includes State governments, […]

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Know your Options when Buying Government Bonds

Investing in the government is a solid choice for those who are more risk averse. There are many benefits to buying government bonds such as a very low chance of default and some legal protection. Here are some different treasury offerings available to you. Treasury Bills or T-bills Treasury bills are short-term government securities with […]

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The Financial Risks of Government Bonds

Government bonds are considered to be least-risk investments. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the government. Standard & Poor’s gives U.S. government bonds the highest rating possible. Government bonds carry some financial risks, just like any other investment. Federal government bonds have a low risk of default because the government can […]

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Purchasing High Yielding Foreign Bonds

The wavering U.S. dollar has some investors thinking about putting their dollars elsewhere. Foreign bonds are very attractive since they high yielding bond in comparison to U.S. bonds and bond funds. If you do choose this route beware of the risks that come with the benefits. Acquiring Foreign Bonds and Bond Funds: Investment firms & […]

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