Risks Associated with Buying Bonds

Bonds are, by comparison to others, a secure investment.  There are, of course, some that have greater bond risk than others. Foreign bonds contain some of the highest risk depending on the sovereign entity one buying a bond from. Apart from Moody’s rating system, there … Read more

An Overview of Foreign Bonds

The global market has shrank as technology has developed, making everything more interdependent.  In today’s economy, people should be aware of the events and opportunities with a view broader than that of national borders. One investment one should consider is buying foreign bonds of sovereign … Read more

How to Buy Government Bonds

The government bond funds are an investment like any other bond.  Government Bonds from the U.S. are considered to be some of the safest bonds you can buy.  Not all governments are as reliable and secure in repaying their debts, but for most cases, buying … Read more

What Is A Government Bond

What is a government bond? A government bond is: A written promise or agreement – as in “being bound” or “my word is my bond” – which is usually contained in a writing or document called a “bond” Which promise is made by a government, … Read more

Know your Options when Buying Government Bonds

Investing in the government is a solid choice for those who are more risk averse. There are many benefits to buying government bonds such as a very low chance of default and some legal protection. Here are some different treasury offerings available to you. Treasury … Read more

The Financial Risks of Government Bonds

Government bonds are considered to be least-risk investments. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the government. Standard & Poor’s gives U.S. government bonds the highest rating possible. Government bonds carry some financial risks, just like any other investment. Federal government bonds … Read more