Purchasing High Yielding Foreign Bonds

The wavering U.S. dollar has some investors thinking about putting their dollars elsewhere. Foreign bonds are very attractive since they high yielding bond in comparison to U.S. bonds and bond funds. If you do choose this route beware of the risks that come with the … Read more

How To Buy Municipal Bonds Online

It wasn’t so long ago that buying municipal bonds was a far greater mystery than that of buying shares of stock in a company. We knew how find stockbrokers (or they knew how to find us). We could view the stock charts in the daily … Read more

Investing In Interest Rate Options

Interest rate options are options on the yield of U.S. Treasury securities. Interest rate options enable investors to speculate on the up and down movement of interest rates Options are available on short, medium, and long-term rates. Interest rate options are “yield-based options”. As in … Read more

The Different Types Of Government Bond Funds

There is a surprising array of managed investment funds dedicated to investing in government issued bonds. Generally government bond funds are classified as follows: Long Government Bond Funds Intermediate Government Bond Funds Short Government Bond Funds Inflation Protected Bond Funds As you can appreciate from … Read more

How To Buy A Savings Bond As A Gift

U.S. savings bonds are investments in the U.S. Treasury. Your investment is savings bonds is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. In other words, as investments go, savings bonds are as safe an investment as currently exists. This is important … Read more

The Basics of Muncipal Bonds – Part 2

To maintain infrastructure is a vital necessity to governments, and can be costly to do.  This need brought about a new way to invest: municipal bonds.  These bonds have less risk than other investments; one can easily check the issuing governments previous success on repaying … Read more