The only thing certain about the future is that some things will change and some will remain the same. Anonymous If you have followed the bond market for a long time then you are prepared for volatility. If you are new to the bond market then, before you act, gather and analyze historical bond market [...]

As far as choice goes, the federal government offers an array of bonds, treasuries, and other investment options to any US citizen. Of the bonds offered, the more commonly purchased are government bonds, t-bills, and i-bonds. Government Bonds Government bonds considered the safest of the bond investments. These bonds are normally issued in terms of [...]

To maintain infrastructure is a vital necessity to governments, and can be costly to do.  This need brought about a new way to invest: investing in municipal bonds.  These bonds have less risk than other investments; one can easily check the issuing governments previous success on repaying its obligations, as well as what others who [...]

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