A government bond is: A written promise or agreement - as in "being bound" or "my word is my bond" - which is usually contained in a writing or document called a "bond" Which promise is made by a government, or a governmental or quasi-governmental agency, that includes State governments, county governments, municipal governments or [...]

Investing in the government is a solid choice for those who are more risk averse. There are many benefits to buying government bonds such as a very low chance of default and some legal protection. Here are some different treasury offerings available to you. Treasury Bills or T-bills Treasury bills are short-term government securities with [...]

Government bonds are considered to be least-risk investments. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the government. Standard & Poor's gives U.S. government bonds the highest rating possible. Government bonds carry some financial risks, just like any other investment. Federal government bonds have a low risk of default because the government can [...]